About CIMx Software

CIMx Software: A Leader in Paperless Manufacturing

For more than 21 years, CIMx Software has helped manufacturers solve production operation problems, and gain control and visibility of processes by managing work flow and information across the shop floor.  Companies turn to CIMx for solutions to the shop floor errors and inefficiencies that sap the strength, ability and profit of manufacturing operations, and to eliminate errors, improve quality, and increase profitability.   CIMx responded with the:

  • 1st web-enabled shop floor portal;
  • 1st adaptable solution for production operations;
  • 1st dramatic reduction in software lifecycle costs, and;
  • 1st sustainable solution for manufacturers.

CIMx has become a best-in-class manufacturing solution, working with manufacturers of all sizes in industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Life Sciences, Electronics, Wire Harness, Heavy Manufacturing and more. Customers include: Boeing, GE Aviation, Hill Rom, Eaton, Honeywell and more.

To learn more about CIMx Software and how we can help, visit our website at www.cimx.com.


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