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Improve Production with Smart Data Using the Quantum Archive

Don’t waste your manufacturing records. By converting them to Smart Data, you can improve communication and access to information, and enable data-driven manufacturing.

By David Oeters, Corporate Communications with CIMx Software

How are you managing your manufacturing records? Illustration by

How are you managing your manufacturing records? Illustration by

Many manufacturers are facing an imminent (and potentially dangerous) records problem – a “data-geddon” you might call it. They have years (even decades) of manufacturing data and records sitting in outdated systems, or on servers or databases slowly falling apart or becoming completely unusable.

They keep these decrepit servers on life support through IT wizardry because they NEED the data for some reason, even though they can’t really use it. The data is in an ancient flat file or some other arcane format that hasn’t been used since the Apple Newton was released.  The data exists, but it doesn’t do much more than that, which is too bad because most manufacturers would argue data is one of their most valuable resources.  All that money companies pour into maintaining outdated systems and patchwork servers is lost, gone into the IT either just to maintain the inadequate status quo.

In the past, manufacturers didn’t have an easy solution for outdated software systems or records. They could attempt to move the data, but if the information is contained in a system that wasn’t compatible with the new server, the data could be lost or compromised. They could attempt migrating the data to a new software system, but this was expensive and could add additional complexity to an already difficult, and expensive, implementation project.

Quantum Archive, part of our Quantum Core manufacturing solution, is an alternative to these solutions. Using the Quantum platform, companies can easily and safely move their data off an old system or paper records to a new, more reliable and useful technology compatible with modern systems. Data migration and manipulation services are tailored to preserving and securing the data, eliminating excessive and unnecessary costs while providing manufacturers a secure pathway forward, meeting several critical needs:

  1. Move historical data from an obsolete, expensive system to a modern platform at lower cost, providing continual access and use of the data;
  2. Transition from old flat file technology to modern object-based technology ready for analysis and reporting;
  3. Avoid additional expense when upgrading a system by migrating the data not critical to the implementation to the archive, offering easy access when and if you need it;
  4. Easier access to the data, ready to be utilized in current workflows and processes;
  5. And combine data from several older systems into a new, linked database.
Convert your data to smart data to enable data-driven manufacturing. Illustration by

Convert your data to smart data to enable data-driven manufacturing. Illustration by

When complete, the data is secure, and the Archive can be upgraded at any time in the future to either the Quantum Core or Enterprise system, or to another software solution.

The goal of the Quantum Archive is simple – stop throwing money and effort away on an outdated information solution, and take a first step toward data-driven manufacturing. Companies using the Quantum Archive report immediate benefits. They see improved access to their data, complete order records, improved analysis and better communication within the organization. The annual savings of these initial benefits can easily exceed more than 10x the license cost for the archive.

Want to learn more, or see how quickly you can get rid of dusty old software and move to a modern system? Then contact CIMx today for a free consultation. We’re happy to help.