As Seen On TV® on Your Shop Floor

Here’s how you can cut through the false promises and empty guarantees to find a software provider you can trust.

By Kristin McLane, President of CIMx Software

It’s amazing the things you can discover on late night TV or on the Web.  Have you ever heard of the Pocket Hose, Foamazing or Wraptastic?  As Seen on TV is a cornucopia of the latest “inventions” – items you just can’t live without.  Where else can you find “Call Now!” favorites like the Wax Vac, the Perfect Pancake Pan or Miracle Socks?

The future is shaped by current innovation, including As Seen on TV innovation. Photo by

The future is shaped by current innovation, including As Seen on TV innovation. Photo by

I’m not an As Seen on TV expert.  I’ve never been interested in Bluetooth Sunglasses, and since I can cut a hotdog into pieces without help, you won’t find a Dog Dicer in my drawer.  I am interested, and suspicious, about their claims.  Spend a few minutes with As Seen on TV, and you’ll be promised a solution to every ailment, a brighter future, Utopia and more.  But, somehow I don’t think Wraptastic will help my abhorrence of cling wrap (can YOU get it to work?)  Even though it “makes food wrapping super easy,” and “cuts perfectly every time so there’s no waste,” I don’t believe it’s the solution for me.

So what do Wax Vacs, Foamazing, and As Seen on TV have to do with your shop floor?

Recently, CIMx Software turned 17 years old.  In 17 years, we’ve seen software businesses come and go.  Competitors have dropped like flies, either through lack of leadership during lean times, or getting swallowed by large PLM or ERP vendors.  (On a side note – these mergers, historically, have not gone well.  Companies rarely merge seamlessly, and it’s the customers who pay.)

How do you build trust in your customers? Can you trust the vendors you work with? Photo credit

How do you build trust in your customers? Can you trust the vendors you work with? Photo credit

Our customers are the key to our success.  A lot of people put their faith in us over the years.  They trusted us enough to invest.  Our products have become integral to their operations.  We respect their trust and work hard to earn it.  While we provide a guarantee for scope, time and dollars for a project, I know guarantees in the software business are much like guarantees on As Seen on TV.  Building trust with customers isn’t done through guarantees, ads, or promises.

We’re not selling the Groutinator or Magic Mesh (yes, these are real products offering fabulous promises).  We know Lean and Paperless manufacturing.  We know process control, mobile manufacturing, and software.  We’ve rescued customers from the broken promises of others, where months later they were still trying to get the paperless manufacturing or MES functionality they were promised.  (Here’s a tip from an industry veteran – look at the relative size of an implementation staff to determine if a company is software- or services-related.  A services company will have a larger staff and require more services. The work they do will be costly to support.)

While we deliver on our promises of budget, time and scope, it’s hard to make these claims in today’s skeptical world trained to sniff out falsehood.  So how do we build trust with our customers?

Take time with the vendors you work with.  It will be time well spent.  Photo by

Taking the time to build trust will be time well spent. Photo by

In today’s ad-weary world, building trust is about understanding the culture of a company, meeting people and giving and receiving honest answers.  Exclamation marks and a flashy website are irrelevant to your project’s success.  17 years is a long time in the software business.  We thrived where many of our competitors failed because we truly love what we’re doing.  We enjoy solving manufacturing problems.  Technology, innovation, and mobile manufacturing are thrilling.  When you call us, you reach someone who works for CIMx, not an answering service, and we’re excited to answer your questions! (… and that is the ONLY exclamation point you’ll see from me in this blog…).  The guarantees we offer aren’t hard to make because we won’t make promises we can’t keep.  We offer a product that works, and we’re proud of what we do.

Maybe that’s a little old fashioned, and it may not have the panache of a Dog Dicer, Groutinator, or Wraptastic, but it’s the truth.  This is the edge we offer over our competitors, and it is what separates CIMx from the competition.  Want to know more?  Give us a call.  I can’t guarantee a solution to all your problems, but I can promise an honest answer from someone who’s happy to help.

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