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A Window Into Your Company

A short awareness questionnaire for production managers and executives.

1. Why don’t your software systems last as long as your production machines?
     a. Custom software is too expensive to change
     b. Support gets too expensive on older technology
     c. Systems no longer support our changing processes
     d. I don’t know

 2. What is the major role of your IT department?
     a. Developing new systems
     b. Supporting older technology
     c. Responding to operation’s changing needs
     d. I don’t know

3. What is your most valuable manufacturing asset?
    a. Your production people
    b. Production machinery
    c. Production process information and records
    d. I don’t know

4. What action will make your company more competitive?
    a. Reduce prices
    b. Outsource IT and other functions
    c. Increase quality and efficiency
    d. I don’t know

5. What action will create the highest return on investment in production operations?
    a. Invest in a new machine
    b. Add more highly trained people
    c. Change from paper-driven to paperless operation
    d. I don’t know

6. What prevents you from acting on these issues now?
    a. Not sure of how to do it
    b. Resources not available
    c. No executive level support
    d. I don’t know

CIMx Software can help you discuss and answer these questions from the collected experience of many other company managers and executives who wrestled with these same issues.

What are your answers to these questions?